Saturday 3 March 2012

Temple of Fire ! (Womble Project revisit)

A return visit to the Lost Temple of Latis

Visited today with Urban Spaceman for a bit of wire wool spinning as you can't burn down a bunker and its very, very dark.

We lit with t-light candles and a few strip lights for romantic ambiance and the fact that you couldn't see past the end of your nose.

Problems, my wool just wouldn't burn, same wool as last week used out in the open but it wouldn't light.

Oh, we had some some smokebombs as well, some plumbing bombs and a few from a paintball company.




Camera, lights, smokebombs !

  Camera, lights, smokebombs !!!











Temple of Fire !

Pea Soup !!!

Pea soup

And it was time to go home


To be continued......

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