Monday 12 March 2012

Temple of Fire ! ! - Part 2

March 2012, a return to the Temple for some more wool spinning.

With Urban Spaceman stuck in Scotland I was joined by Jdub, who seemed little unprepared for the muddy walk to the pit and a little gobsmacked at the scale and echo of the place.

Practice makes perfect and Jdub's more methodical approach to photography was refreshing in comparison to our "bull in a china shop" approach.

  Into the darkness



This time we lit the place with a lot more tea lights, as we didn't have the benefit of Urban Spacemans striplights, we moved deeper into the Temple using the pillars as a bounce point for the sparks.







Now this was a new one on me, EL wire, long exposure and Jdub dancing around like a demented gnome with a dangly bit of wire.

 EL wire

EL wire

EL wire

and back to the wool spinning !






Another visit is on the cards in the next few weeks, having found a different position in the temple for our sparks to bounce off.

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