Monday 9 April 2012

Bolton (birds eye view) Part 2

Part two of my ongoing series of pictures of Bolton from above, this set not taken from the plane but taken from the top of Bolton Parish Church tower.

First off a picture of Bolton Town Hall that does differ from the norm.

Bolton Town Hall

The top of Crompton Place and Yates Wine Lodge.


- A few tilt-shifts of Bolton Town Centre.

Shifnal Street, Bolton.

Shifnal Street, Bolton - tiltshift

St. Peters Way, Bolton.

St. Peters Way, Bolton, Tiltshift

Prestons of Bolton (clock tower on right of picture).

Prestons of Bolton - Tiltshift

Picture House Apartments and Bolton County Grammar Apartments.

Bolton, tiltshift

Bow Street, Bolton.

Bolton - tiltshift, Bow Street

B&Q, Bolton.

Bolton, tiltshift

Smith Knight Fay, Bolton.

Bolton, tiltshift, Smith Knight Faye

More to follow, but you might want to take a look at part 1 taken from the plane.

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