Saturday 14 April 2012

Aerial tilt-shift photography

A week of illness has pretty much wrecked an overly busy schedule but anyway moving on and today is Grand National Day at Aintree Race Course, Liverpool - so here is a pic taken from over head (which has totally nothing to do with this posting).

Aintree Race Course, from the air

Right, here we go with small selection of tilt-shift pictures taken from the plane around the Manchester and Bolton area, hope you enjoy.
First off Barton Bridge, Manchester with the sewage farm in all its glory

Barton Bridge, Manchester, tilt-shift

and another day another angle of Barton Bridge.

Barton Bridge, Manchester, tilt-shift


Manchester, tiltshift

Reebok Stadium, Bolton

Reebok Stadium, tilt-shift

Horwich, near Bolton, funky motorway junction - not sure what was going on this day but being the junction for Horwich, The Reebok, Blackrod and Westhoughton it's normally back to back traffic.

 Horwich, Tiltshift

Deane Road and Haslam Park, Bolton

 Bolton - tiltshift (Deane Road & Haslam Park)

Moss Bank Park, Bolton

 Moss Bank Park, Bolton - Tiltshift

Bolton, Town Centre and Town Hall

 Bolton Town Hall - tiltshift

Chequerbent Roundabout, Westhoughton, near Bolton

 Chequerbent Roundabout, Westhoughton, Bolton - Tiltshift

I'm always on the look out for plant hire type places, such as these

 Plant hire - tiltshift


A circus comes to town, Reebok Stadium

Circus - tiltshift

Final shot, The Trafford Centre, Manchester.


Thanks for looking, normal service to be resumed shortly.


  1. I hate tilt shift.
    Makes things look stupid.
    they've even started putting it in tv programs.
    It's a big faddy pile of cack.

  2. My last comment may have been a bit too harsh.
    I still hate tilt shift, it is cack.
    But your actual photography is very very good.
    I just believe it would look better without the tiltshit.

  3. I love these photos, mazing!

  4. Shame you've used a crummy auto tilt-shift banding effect, it doesn't look at all natural towards how the photograph would be taken.. some objects that remain exactly the same distance are split with blur in the middle.

    Really nice original photos, but definitely let down with the quick-fix tilt-shift.

  5. still learning - thanks for the input

  6. May I ask, are you the pilot as well as the photographer? If so,you are a multi-talented git, in the nicest possible way of course. Love the shots. Hopefully I can try to replicate your success this year as I intend to start studying for my PPL. Coincidentally, Barton is my nearest airfield.

  7. Hi, I'm not the pilot - I don't have the money or the time. I bum a lift off a guy (old school friend)at Barton. The pilot has a cancer donation page on Justgiving and £25 normally gets you an hour or 4 in his spare seat. He's building up to a single handed around the world trip for Clatterbridge Centre for Cancer Care. Thanks for the feedback and good luck with the PPL !

    1. Awesome. Sounds like a good friend to have. Keep up the good work.

  8. All the pics look like part of a model train layout

  9. Wow! Tilt-shift aerials... this is kind of rare! Congrats, mate!

    I am also an aerial photo enthusiast... I invite you to check out some of my works on my page - www.andy42.com . If you like them, there's also a Facebook button on the right, and Like my page for more of my stuff :)

  10. Thanks, currently working on a new batch - some from the Round Britain Rally - had a look at your page - some mighty fine photos you have !!

  11. I like the aerial cinematography! It looks great. Thanks for the pics!

  12. Glad you like, thanks for the feedback

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