Friday 6 April 2012

Graffiti hunting - Part 2

So here we go with another small collection of street art and graffiti I have snapped on my travels, this collection are all located in Manchester City Centre

Starting off with Ting Tong Chang in the back streets around Shudehill.

Tong is here to help

Northern Quarter, Manchester 2011

Northern Quarter, Manchester 2011

AliCè: Alice Pasquini, lurking in the Northern Quarter, Manchester

 Alice, Manchester

  Alice, Manchester

Stevenson Square, Manchester

The shop shutters and doorways of Oldham Street, Manchester sport some cracking artwork.

Batman and Joy Division cross over

 This ain't Gotham

Some Stormtroopers !

Northern Quarter, Manchester Graffiti

 Northern Quarter, Manchester Graffiti

 Oldham Street, Manchester

Stencil artist Stewy has installed a couple of pieces on Oldham Street, the pictures being of local heroes,

Frank Sidebottom

Frank Sidebottom by Stewy

John Cooper-Clarke

John Cooper-Clarke by Stewy

If you keep your eyes peeled as you walk around Manchester Stewy's work is lurking and adorning many a dull spot.

Northern Quarter, Manchester Graffiti - by Stewy

Owl by Stewy

Stewy - Manchester

Another artist found around Manchester is Invader, this French artist has installed mosaics across the city in his attempt to populate the world with his marauding Space Invaders and other classic video arcade beasties.

 Space Invader - Manchester

 Invader - Manchester

  Invader - Manchester

Invader - Afflecks Palace

Final pic for this post is a picture I walked past just off Oxford Road in Manchester the other week.

Manchester street art


  1. Good work! There are some nice finds there. I particularly liked the Saturday Night Stormtrooper...

  2. I do like a walk around Manchester, always something new to look at.

    Glad you like