Tuesday 29 May 2012

Bolton, Blackpool, Preston - a quick spin in the plane

A quick spin over the North West of England, dipping into North Wales, enjoy.

To be honest the purpose of this trip for me was to get my photographs of the ghost ship but a spin over to Blackpool via Preston and the Reebok at Bolton was long overdue.

Given that both my daughters had flown over Blackpool (the 8 year old took control of the plane over Preston a few months back) it had become a running joke, as every bugger who has got in the bloody plane got a flight to Blackpool except me !!!

So first up Reebok Stadium - Bolton v West Brom, I'm told I had the best view as the match was terrible.

Reebok Stadium - Bolton v West Brom

Reebok Stadium - Bolton v West Brom

BWFC v West Brom

Over to Preston, Preston North End Football Club

Preston North End Football Club

and we swing over into Blackpool !

Blackpool Central Pier - you can just see Blackpool Football Club

 Blackpool Central Pier

Blackpool North Pier

 North Pier, Blackpool

Blackpool Tower, still has its magic for me (coz I'm a Northerner) and we few past a few times circling back over the sea for more shots.

 Blackpool Tower

Blackpool Tower

Off into the Irish Sea, a gas platform - I love stuff like this

Gas platform, Irish Sea

Wind turbines, sorry love them as well, wouldn't want to live next to one, but hey as you hurtle toward them at 120 mile an hour they don't half look good.

 Windpower - Irish Sea

Liverpool Docks

 Liverpool Docks

River Mersey - I've got to admit I've only ever visited Liverpool 3 times in my life, and it's only about 37 miles from Bolton.

Liverpool - River Mersey

Out of England and into North Wales and we then few over to the ghost ship

Duke of Lancaster

We landed at small private air strip for a cup of tea (hey we are English after all) and then shot off back to Manchester for a spot of Afternoon Tea airside back at the base, which was spiffing.

Couple of videos below, Blackpool, Bolton and one tit of a pilot trying to put me off - turn the volume down on your speakers - I wear headphones in the plane, not so I can speak to the pilot Captain Pugwash, just for the noise of the plane.

Can't get the staff...

Blackpool, lining up for the shots


 Returning to the Reebok Stadium, Bolton

As always thanks for looking and hoped you liked my ramblings, photos and videos.

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