Monday 27 August 2012

A Return to the Duke of Lancaster - August 2012

Anyone who regularly reads my blog knows I have a soft spot for the Duke of Lancaster, the ghost ship of Mostyn, North Wales - take a look at my aerial shots.

Having seen heard the rumours, seen the artists website, Jdub and I jumped in the car for a noisey.

The artists webpage Dudug, makes out that they beat security and they are counting down to something special happening on the night of  27th August.

We arrived early Sunday morning and nice artwork, but it was obvious it was done with agreement of the owners of the ship, given the height of the artwork and the new notices posted around the site (printed on plastic).




hmmmmm, anyway on with the proper pics

 Duke of Lancaster

Duke of Lancaster

Duke of Lancaster

Duke of Lancaster

Duke of Lancaster

Duke of Lancaster

Duke of Lancaster

It was at this time security turned by, but given that we were on a public footpath he shouted to us "do you like it !?"



Continuing to the "beach" we walked across the rocks, the tide was out and the security razor wire ended, so rightly or wrongly we wandered to the bow of the ship - as you would...




It was at this point the security guard turned up and told us we were trespassing and told us to leave, not sure if we were or not, it was borderline in my mind, we didn't argue.

- Dear owners if your now courting publicity (as it would seem) put some new security wire up on the beach, to avoid any confusion.


The saga continues.....

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