Tuesday 28 August 2012

Baron Hill Estate, Beaumaris

Down in the jungle where nobody goes.
There's a great big elephant washing his clothes.
With a rub-a-dub here and a rub-a-rub there.
That's the way he washes his clothes.
A tiddley- I-Tie A boogey woogey woogey A tiddley- I-Tiea boogey woogey wooge.
That's the way he washes his clothes.

Well that's how the song goes and as explores go this was fun, Boys Own stuff - mud, brambles, nettles, more mud, climbing over fallen trees blocking our path, more mud.

This was the jungle of, errrr Wales.

Originally built in 1618, reconstructed 1776, used as a billet for Polish soldiers during World War 2 who "accidently" set fire to the building.

The property is now a shell slowly being enveloped  by the plant life - despite being cut back in recent years the triffids are rapidly taking over !!!


It was a picture of the above lodge house that sparked my interest in this place, it sits on one of the old driveway bridges on route to the house. However the pictures I'd seen showed a clear path, our route was overgrown and full of fallen trees which needed climbing over to continue our journey.



Welcome to the jungle !!!












- Visited with Jdub, as the Urban Spaceman was otherwise engaged in his shed.

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