Wednesday 1 August 2012

Huncoat hits the news

Not a good day, well in one respect the old power station is highlighted for the ongoing graffiti fest that that it is, I'm a big fan of Huncoat and it was one of my first explores.

But sadly on the other side, people sit up and before we know it a new big fence will no doubt spring up around the site - please noooooo !!!!


- Thanks to Phil Plod for the photo !

So the debate is on, or so they say in the Lancashire Telegraph

- Personally I hope the powers that be leave the place alone, Huncoat is a centre for graffiti artists to battle it out and photographers from around the country visit this place, the site has also often used for photo shoots for sportswear catalogues.

The Model Urbexer


Huncote Powerstation - Revisited

Long live Huncoat !!!!

Huncote Powerstation - Revisited

The Future of Industry 

For the record, if you have read the article (or your from the Lancashire Telegraph) explorers and graffiti artists co-exist, they are not one and the same. If in doubt the explorers are the ones with the cameras not the spray cans.

Further Huncoat info can be found here on my previous Huncoat posting.

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