Thursday 4 October 2012

Horse and Jockey Pub, Saddleworth - Oct 2012

 Saddleworth Moor is a grim place to be on a wet and misty day


Sat on top of Saddleworth Moor are the remains of the Horse and Jockey Pub, nothing remarkable, just a pub that stands burnt out following a fire in 2007.


 Horse & Jockey, Saddleworth Moor


Built in the 1930s this now derelict pub was frequented by the Moors Murderers Ian Brady and Myra Hindley back in the 1960s.

Between July 1963 and October 1965 child murderers Brady and Hindley murdered 5 children hiding the bodies on the vast and bleak Saddleworth Moor, to this day the body of 12 year old Keith Bennett has never been found.

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