Tuesday 23 October 2012

Hartshead, Power Station - oh, we missed a bit

We had been here before, we missed a bit, to be honest this one is only on here so you don't go, as with my last little report on this place, Hartshead Power Station in Heyrod is one to be missed.

A spin out in the car to Wigan with the Urban Spaceman was the plan, so I get in the car and out comes a shopping list of places he wants to visit. So to cut a long story short we set off in the opposite direction to Wigan and as we passed Heyrod we remembered "the bit over the road".

As we approached the building, we heard rustle in the bushes as a couple of women it turns out had been in a state of undress for the sake of "art" or porn. What ever floats your boat I say, but I can think of better dumps to get you kit off in.


So we told em of magical places, and off the would be pornographers went in search more photographic backdrops such as Huncoat






Inside the main building the usual metal fairies had been in and a number of the structural supports had been removed, bits of mortar and dirt was regularly dropping from the ceiling, not long for this place to be standing I suspect.



And then it started to rain, which was nice....

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