Saturday 14 September 2013

Bad Weather - Urbex Boredom Relief

Well the weather is going to be terrible over the next few days so here is some time killing links to keep your urban exploring peckers up.

Sat here watching I Am Legend with Mrs Fraggle Hunter, a little pissed off the Autumn weather is going to be shocking over the next few days.

First off Anthony Bourdain, I've become rather a fan of this guy after watching this initial episode I stumbled across. Mr Bourdain travels to the Ukraine and visits Chernobyl and Pripyat. I watched this after my visit, but to be honest I picked up a few little snippets I didn't know.

Well worth a watch, as are many of Anthony |Bourdain's travel videos.

I've posted to this next link before, the link is still live, Urban Explorers: Into the Darkness, a feature length film well worth a watch.

Anyone who follows my news updates of urban exploring may want to have a gander at these - the stories are flowing this month.

First one from the Daily Mail with an explore round a Cambridge military hospital, sorry its the Daily Fail but they are currently obsessed with urban exploring.

Crazy Russian dudes hang off high buildings on Yahoo News - not my cup of tea despite my flying and jumping out of planes to be very honest.

Sadly the Daily Mail again, please newspapers post some exploring storys, we hate the fail, but over to Washington USA with a Mail fetish ghost town.

Over and out - more soon darlings.

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  1. The guy (Sergi) who was demonstrating the reactor model was one of the people who showed us around the zone last year, for some reason though, we all called him Stan!

    1. I have met 'Stan', he hovered around overseeing the demonstration of his model, I say his, must of taken ages to build that thing, a team collective no doubt.