Sunday 1 September 2013

Sheffield General Cemetery - September 2013

Kind of stumbled across this place whilst mooching for Phlegm artwork on t'internet.

I'd never been to Sheffield so off I shot over to Yorkshire, pleasant drive over the Woodhead Pass stuck behind a horsebox with the view of a horse's arse for 30 minutes of the journey.

The description I had of this place was the forgotten graveyard of Sheffield, closed since 1978, 87,000 burials - the forgotten bit was a bit oversold to be honest, lets just say under the radar.







The graveyard is looked after by a volunteer workforce, the also do 2pm guided tours on Sundays it would seem - maybe I should have done the tour as I've missed loads out, also they have a website


The Nonconformist Chapel is rather impressive and the whole site is a pleasant wander, but I can imagine this whole place is bloody spooky at night.



Then you come to the Anglican Chapel, a shell of building with a massive spire for a chapel of its size, this place is sadly in a very poor state of repair with tarpaulin trying to hold the roof together.




Welcome to Sheffield !

Welcome to Sheffield

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  1. Fantastic shots. I do love a good cemetery.

  2. Needs a return visit to give it justice, thanks Mr R.