Sunday 29 September 2013

Destroying your SDV1B DV Camcorder - Sept 2013

Previously we picked up one of these bad boys, the SDV1B DV Camcorder from a Ebay seller and did a few bits, not much of a review but we had been waiting to get the thing in the plane - we didn't get round to that so we threw it onto a mini drone - the DJI Phantom.
DJI Phantom - GPS mode

Well we found a bit of a fault on the SDV1B DV, bottom line any impact to the base of the waterproof housing results in damage -  in our case time for the trash damage.


SDV1B HD H.264 1080P 12M Waterproof Mini Sport DV Camera Video Action Camcorder

Firstly damage is to the housing itself, pushing the metal fixings into the housing which then results in the damage to camera, from the battery door, to the battery and in our case the camera will switch on but nothing more - its ready for the bin.




We would have posted video footage but we lost this as well as the video file in progress saved with an Error 2048 on the Mov file. (I have tried - but I'm not paying $40. for the privilege of rubbing the salt in the wound).

So join us next week, when we throw the newly reduced in price, £44.99 Chilli Action Cam 3 HD onto a DJI Phantom drone.

PS - we don't know what we a doing with this beast of  flying thing - so it could end in tears, again !


DJI Phantom Drone

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