Tuesday 10 September 2013

September Urbex News part 2 - errrm again Sept 2013

Busy busy this month with lots of interesting nuggets so here we have a further news installment for September 2013.

First off not so much urbex related but a bit of street art with the Manchester Evening News featuring my mooching ground of Stevenson Square, Manchester.

Next up the derelict housing estate used in the television series Shameless gets torched by the local scroates and we head back again to the Manchester Evening News for details and photos - I should add the MEN have either got a new camera or a new photographer.

An old favourite on the "permission visit" circuit is Hulme Hippodrome which is featured in the Daily Mail, you might want to skip back in time to December 2011 with a similar article from the Manchester Evening News.

- readers wishing to avoid visiting the Daily Mail website can hop to Canada's Star Pheonix.

Speaking of the Daily Fail, this article on the closed Camelot theme park was featured 2nd September and is more of a historical item, when we popped by in back in June this year a lot of the park had been dismantled and shipped of to other parks around the country - the water slides went to Gulliver's World at least a week before we visited.

Must say it looks like a good gig flogging pics to the Mail, but I've seen better shots of the fallen Camelot, a lot better.

Time to get all covered in shit down in the sewers of London, an interesting article from the London Evening Standard, sewers always interest me but the fear of me constantly throwing up and gagging on the fumes as the festering turds sail on past really does put me off such strange pastimes.

- definition of pastime - An activity that occupies one's spare time pleasantly.

Speaking of pastimes, the cinema going public may have an exploration film to look forward to, according to The Hollywood Reporter the exploits of Bradley L. Garrett are to be made into an action thriller, the film will be adapted from the GQ article of March of this year Excuse Us Whilst We Kiss The Sky.

Finally we get to look thru the keyhole of Albion House, Liverpool - ex home of the White Star Line, soon to be a Titanic themed hotel, articles from Liverpool Echo and the Liverpool Confidential

Good evening and goodnight.

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