Tuesday 3 September 2013

September Urbex News - errrr September 2013

First off some underground news, off to The Guardian with Roman tunnels being mapped under Rome.

Canadian ghost towns anyone ? The Toronto Star has an interesting article on ghost towns around Ontario, the article does go on to say that "urban explorers break into abandoned buildings" - No one I know breaks into buildings - but I'm sure it does go on, but it might just be a Canadian thing ??

Blimey you see some news on a ghost town and another one turns up, this time the French town of Goussainville-Vieux features in an article in the Independent

Whilst trying to avoid the Daily Mail, up comes photos of a German abandoned mansion on Fearnet, you may have seen this place before, but all rather good.

Most urban explorers I know are simply nosey photographers - we don't have get a bad press at times, mostly by the local rags these days. The large majority of  us are history and heritage buffs and a good many being dark tourists - where this story falls is open to debate, but history should not allow us to forget the brutality of war - particularly with the brave participants of World War 2 numbering less day by day. The French village of Oradour-sur-Glane features in this Guardian article.The scene of a wartime atrocity with the slaying of 642, places like this need to be preserved - but in these times of austerity will they be saved ?

Finally on to the Daily Mail, with Toxeth Reservoir, a must read, in fact read this one instead in the Times of Mumbai.

Sadly we do have to return to the Daily Mail again for this story of a Chinese ghost town that arose from flood waters after 5 years.

- I'm trying to avoid the Daily Mail if possible as I find it a vile and nasty paper in many of its other articles.

Finally some news on my crew, Urban Spaceman has today issued the following shocking statement "we need some better gigs. We have been doing shit holes recently"

- No shit Sherlock, piss poor preparation on all fronts (including me).

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