Tuesday 17 December 2013

Urbex News - November, December 2013

Another monthly round up of general news and links, new and improved and avoiding anything Daily Mail.

So lets start off with a few bits and bobs from Chernobyl, first off the protective shield takes shape - designed to last a 100 years whilst people carry on scratching their heads with what the fuck do about a problem like Chernobyl.

The Moscow Times reports on hunting down the wild wolves of Chernobyl that are now on the prowl and attacking.

I came face to face with a pack of wolves on my trip, thankfully in a cage, but I have to say they were livid and scary beastly fuckers, didn't help our friendly armed and pissed up soldier friend Mikhaylov tried shoving myself and Urban Spaceman in the cage - but we lived.

Pripyat is now on a "streetview" type thing - you may have seen this, but hey its a nice potter.

Moving on to exploration of derp in Scotland, with an article from the Scotsman Newspaper.

Onto the fallen Lancashire mill town of Rochdale with the Manchester Evening News reporting on the hidden River Roch that runs under the town.

Darmen Richter explores an abandoned Soviet circus in Moldova in one of his many, many travels.

Wastlelands hidden in busy cities, worth a look see over at on the Cracked website.

Hidden Batman street art anyone ? I love stumbling across treasure like this.
Until next time....

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