Thursday 19 December 2013

Stevenson Square, Manchester - December 2013

As the throngs of Christmas shoppers descend on Manchester, a wander round the back streets of Manchester with a return visit to the Northern Quarter and an update on the Outhouse Project and the other gems in the surrounding streets.

With rather urbex'ee carparking (it was cheap) we parked in the arches under the train lines into Manchester Victoria, had it not been so busy it would have been ripe for a mooch.

- photo taken in the gloom with a Nokia Lumia 1020, no flash, no tripod.


A short walk with the hidden tunnels of the Manchester Cathedral  Steps, we headed for the Northern Quarter.


In search of the Cathedral Steps

In search of the Cathedral Steps

Wandering up Tib Street, firstly we come across a fresh doggie by Stewy


Again a selection of the ever changing street art of the Northern Quarter





and finally on to the Outhouse Project.

All this was sadly a little wasted on the Tin Dog, who had joined me for a potter round the back streets of Manchester, he doesn't "get it", adding that it wasn't bad and better than tagging in that a least some thought goes into street art. But he was nonplussed with his eyes rolling in their sockets with boredom.







In a very strange twist we then ended up at Proper Tea, for a cup of errrr tea - I can recommend this place highly and the Beijing Breakfast Tea is to die for.

Enough of the poncy tea drinking, until next time.........

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