Thursday 5 December 2013

Wales - from above - November 2013

The promised blue sky weather forecast didn't happen, overcast and cold did.

I find myself sitting in not my usual plane and I receive a text message "brave".

So I'm sat in a Jodel apparently, I'm not a Biggles type, so the name Jodel you see it just means nothing to me, the propeller starts and we are ready to go.

Not my usual pilot today and he calmly ( and why wouldn't he be calm ?) states "built in 1955,originally and then rebuilt twice". I didn't ask why and nor did I question the nugget of the information mentioning wooden  construction - which could be normal but when you have a text message simply saying "brave" I mentally question why another pilot would plant such a thought in my head.

I see dials and clocks and dials and clocks and plunger things and more dials and clocks - we are off to South Wales to land on a golf course for lunch, which turned out to be a sodding pastie !!!


It has to be said that the Jodel was a very smooth flight indeed, warm with a fantastic view with its clear plexiglass "bubble" roof - sadly the curve of the plexiglass did play havoc with the photos I took, but you don't complain when your bumming a free lift halfway across the country.

With every landing, one must take off to return home, so we trundled down the fairway or runway or airstrip that sits within the greens at the Rosemarket golf course.

Flying back in the more usual CTSW (below is a shot I took from the Jodel of the CTSW) that I'm more used to and it was time to try and get some shots in, so we left Rosemarket for a fly across the Pembrokeshire coast.





Strumble Head Lighthouse


For a brief few minutes we did have blue sky, before we made a turn towards the shore.


Heading inland, we headed up to Lake Vyrnwy, rather picturesque with its tower which wouldn't be out of place in Harry Potter or the Hobbit.

Lake Vyrnwy, North Wales

With a race against time now on our hands with failing light, cloud and a 4 o'clock airport closing back at Manchester we climbed up above Mount Snowdon, with its first sprinkling of winter snow on the tops.


Finally heading to Denbigh and the closed Denbigh Asylum before the final leg home.

Denbigh Asylum

*** For avoidance of doubt, the pasties, (as is the coffee) are jolly nice at Rosemarket.

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