Monday 30 December 2013

Bolton's big white elephant (sorry big wheel)

Did you hear Bolton got a big wheel for Christmas ? The town with no money got a bloody great wheel, 100ft of a beast, a present from a council with no money.

With millions of pounds having been slashed from Bolton Council's budget - effecting everything around the town - social care, parks and recreation, road repairs (you name it, its likely to be have been or will be cut) and further savings of £22 million on the cards for 2014, plus a further estimated £25 million also expected to be announced .

Well I had to walk past the thing everyday, so I might as well take some photos.

Bolton Town Hall



Then I flew over it, so I took some photos...

Bolton Town Hall

Bolton Town Hall

and then I flew over it some more...

Bolton Town Hall

Dear Cllr Cliff Morris, come December 2014 may I suggest that with the town falling into such a state of shit we have the big wheel again except with a Pripyat theme around the town.

To quote one of the flocking crowd  "yeh great view, you can see all kinds of shit".

 Chernobyl 2013

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