Sunday 26 February 2012

Urbex Shitstorms Feb 2012

Am I guilty of easy explores ? I possibly am, but given a spinal injury last year I'm going to use that as an excuse (a lot better thanks).

A few headlines on the urbex front this week and my advice, learn't a long time ago, some things are stupid and somethings should not be posted online.

First off, Britannia Bridge, I flew over here in January, its a bit high with the Menia Straits below

Britannia Bridge, Menai Strait

Other photos and reports of explores have been on the "usual" websites for ages, but this week they started to be deleted as worried explorers started to have sleepless nights over this


Next up people in very high places get very upset and embarrassed about gaps in security and try to crush human rights (read this article!!!)


My thoughts, as cutbacks kick in for police forces and as factories close, this wonderful country is slowly turning into a urbex paradise. Sometimes you should say no and skip some explores or perhaps not post the pics and reports.

Oh and just in case your wondering would I have done these explores, the answer is

Bridge -no !
Underground - yes ! (but for avoidance of doubt I haven't)

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