Sunday 1 July 2012

Chernobyl Diaries

With me falling off the side of the planet over the last few weeks, my number one daughter brought this little gem ?? to my attention.

Move over zombies, the new boys are flooding into town, Urbex Horror, and they are slowly starting to form a new genre.

Not sure if the subject matter on this one can in anyway be classed as "good taste" but with me wanting to do the  "official" tour of the town who am I to comment.

No doubt to be found in bargain bins in Asda come early next year, I'm going to bide my time on this one.

Urbex Movies


  1. I saw it advertised, and I'm really curious to be honest... like you say, it's in pretty poor taste to turn it into a horror film, but I want to watch it just for the backdrop.

    1. see you at the bargain bin in a few months time