Sunday 22 July 2012

Church of Amendment - Red Rose County

Arriving at this now long closed church a week late I pottered about for half an hour waiting for the legend that is Mr Judderman.

As I came back down the stairs the door opened and I think I gave Mr Judders a minor heart attack as I was behind the entrance door. I can safely say if he had brought his picnic hamper he would have promptly dropped it.

On with my pics

I'm vague on this report as, well 1st its a church and deserves respect and 2nd it is pretty much intact (a broken window some idiot has done and a bit of wiring theft).


Thank you and good night from Rev F. Hunter (I kid you not - think Joey from Friends), further pics can be found on my Flickr


  1. Nice shots fella and you did indeed give me a fright

  2. Its good to test the heart every so often - thankfully you passed - ta lad, nice nice little bimble this place, gem of a find.