Sunday 22 July 2012

Keeping the nipper happy

Arrrrr, my daughter chip off the old block, with 4 or 5 cameras sitting around the house, phones with cameras, a DS with a camera she has a growing interest in all things camera. Given my interests, it does tend to rub off and to be honest I wanted to post some the pics we have done over the last few weekends.

So, she flies and is currently badgering me for more trips with her hero, the pilot Jon.

My daughter the co-pilot, sometimes you need to open a childs mind to the wonders that surround us

She has had now had a brief little bimble, once or twice, in carefully planned minor urbex explore - still nerve racking stuff.

The Future of Industry

But, her main thing is planning shots, thinking "what if we"


do this....


Doctor Who mad, a little like myself, "are you my mummy?"

 Are you my mummy ?

 Child of the Cloud

Sometimes you just have to spark the mind....


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