Tuesday 3 July 2012

Shocking the authorities into action ?

Urban Explorers so often get bad press off the local papers, explorers often being accused of vandalism, but the truth is that the majority of us simply explore and photograph what we find - often lifting the lid on the sheer number of properties simply being left to rot and left to the mercy of the vandals and scrap metal thieves.

As side issue, I think the most audacious theft of metal I've seen was when somebody stole a whole external fire escape from Huncoat power station - one day it was there, the next gone, this wasn't some petty drug addict thief on the loose.

So a refreshing little article from Bradford, this Yorkshire city is not a stranger to buildings being left to rot, Bradford City is full of buildings bought by developers with once deep pockets and empty promises.

Denholme Church, grade II listed, sitting empty and slowly being targeted by vandals, entered by an explorer with camera and the Bradford Telegraph & Argus picks up the story.

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