Tuesday 17 July 2012

Photography is not a crime ?

Stumbled across this in a post from a fellow explorer, this poor chap was at Farnborough Airshow this year and as a result of muppets employed by the quality security company G4S (you know the bespoke security company employed to run the security for the 2012 Olympics) he was arrested by the police.

Well watch, listen and imagine it was you !!!!

To quote

"I was stopped and subsequently Jumped on by two police officers at this years airshow at Farnborough, my crime?, Taking photographs, please be aware I was not doing anything else but taking photographs and images in a place deemed public and open to the public.
I was thrown to the ground cuffed and all the usual police behaviour then ensued, I know my rights with regards to filming in public, and as a result of G4S security and their untrained operatives not understanding what technology I had about my person they assumed I was 'lasering' the pilots during the display, I only swore at the police once I was away from the public so this is not for those with sensitive ears that are easily offended, I was dragged into a porta-cabin and jumped on by all of the officers you see on the clip, at one point they accused me of carrying an explosive device and being a terrorist, this clip is raw unedited footage and the section of it that has no images was when I was being frogmarched through a crowd of thousands whilst my 'explosive laser device' was in the officers pocket. I was truly humiliated, all charges have since been dropped. I present this footage for you to make up your own minds as to what went on."

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