Tuesday 29 May 2012

Ten By Ten & Ex-More - out of my depth at the Railway

"Come along and take some pics, we'll get the beer in !!"
"and yeah the lighting is good"

I'd been meaning to go to the Railway in Bromley Cross, Bolton for ages - I used to go to school opposite, but that was many, many years ago.

I'd also been meaning to go and watch my friend's band Ten By Ten for ages, but these days life is a little like that with the juggling family stuff, work, sneaking off to go flying and that's without even a mention of any urbex stuff.

I'm not a fan of low light photography, well not in a venue of limited space and to be honest I'd bought a Metz flashgun and I've never used it  - so off I go with Mrs F. Hunter to the gig - no flashgun, coz hey the lighting is good and bands don't want some wannabe photographer gimp flashing away whilst they belt out some rock ditties.

Red, green and blue lighting - shit !!!

So here we go, a few pics

Ten By Ten

Ten By Ten

Ten By Ten





This one is my favorite of the whole evening, being Chris Ward - lead vocals of Ten By Ten.

 Chris Ward - Ten By Ten

The second band of the evening, Ex-More, a cheeky bunch of rock scamps, which included Chris Tsangarides aka The Dark Lord on guitar - record producer for Thin Lizzy,Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Depeche Mode and the list goes on and on and on and on - oh and he's in the cult film Anvil.

- They had some photographer with them - get him with his fancy lens and flash guns - I was going to look a proper plonker if my pictures didn't amount to much and the cider my band had been pouring down my neck was starting to kick in big time.

So lets start with Chris Tsangarides

Exmore - Chris Tsangarides aka The Dark Lord

Paul Stickles, Ex-More

Exmore - Paul Stickles

Exmore - Paul Stickles

I rather liked the last one of Paul Stickles, and it would seem so did he.

Exmore - Paul Stickles

So all in all I think I may have pulled it off ? But me photographer ??? narrrrr, I'm just a monkey with a couple of cameras.

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