Tuesday 22 May 2012

The Holme, Cliviger

Visited this place with Urban Spaceman, posted to save you the effort and petrol - unless your into burnt out 17th century Grade II listed buildings.

Located in the village of Cliviger, just outside Burnley, Lancashire is a house with a view to die for.

The Holme sits burnt out, slowly falling down, slowly being filled with scrap tyres - like so many empty properties in the UK.

The current building was built in 1603 being the ancestral seat of the local Whitaker family.
Used as a country club in the 1970s, later it became an old peoples home which closed under the cloud of scandal in 1984. Vandals set fire to the place in 2004.

 The property currently sits rotting and is as always awaiting development into apartments, if it ever comes...


Didn't look that bad at first.


Semi boarded up, but the developers seem to have given up on this one, a sign says your being filmed but no cameras of any form could be seen and the back of the property was wide open - the fly tippers had been round.








bringing the house down


Oh, the view I mentioned



The Holme, Cliviger

All in all, very sad and if like me you have to copper up the penny jar these days for petrol in these hard times, save yourself the trip unless your a completist (like a lot of us are).

 Next stop Waterfoot ! oh the joys.....

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