Friday 11 May 2012

Aerial tilt-shift photography - Part 2

Hi folks, more of the same - these seem to be popular and so lets indulge.

The last lot featured in B3ta's newsletter, so someone must like them....

>> Tilt-shift photography (from a plane) <<
  Urbex enthusiast Fragglehunter likes to take
  pictures of unusual buildings while flying over
  them in a light aircraft. Here's some
  tilt-shift stuff. We like to think al-Qaeda's
  scouting reports are just as charmingly
  composed, although theirs are marred by an
  over-enthusiasm for Instamatic filters.
First off over to Preston, for the Tickled Trout (font change????)

Tickled Trout, Preston - Tiltshift
 M6, junction 31, Tickled Trout Junction - tiltshift
Preston North End Football Club, errr Preston

Preston North End - Tiltshift

Preston again, this where the Post Office loose all your mail.

Preston Post Office - tiltshift 
Blackpool Tower
Blackpool Tower - tiltshift 
Barton Aerodrome or as it is now known Manchester City Airport 
Barton Aerodrome - tiltshift

Over to the Lake District, Cumbria and its Bowness on Windermere

Bowness on Windermere - Tiltshift 


Windermere - tiltshift

Shooting back over to my home town of Bolton and just round the corner in the village of Ramsbottom
(no smirks please).

 Ramsbottom, Lancashire - tiltshift
 And I couldn't leave this one out from Wigan

Wigan - tiltshift

More to follow.....

- Sorry about the format, this blog stuff is playing up today

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