Sunday 13 May 2012

Bailey Mill, Lancashire

We have good weather !! and with reading about a mill that the owners had requested parents keep their kids out of - we couldn't resist.

Urban Spaceman and I jumped in the car with very little knowledge of this place, we couldn't believe this one hadn't been on our radar - turns out its been empty that long most explorers had been, gone and simply forgot about the place.

Having closed around 1996, this former textile mill has become a blight for the locals and its a shame as this place a crying out to be redeveloped.






Batoyle !! what a name !!!!


Urban Spaceman, trying to find the entrance, but simply getting covered in mud


The graffiti was below par, but this was the sticks and I'm told the locals have webbed fingers - as if ??






After a wander around the various outbuildings, the entry into the place was a well worn path made by the local kids and not the photo below.


Once in and thru the darkness into the main building the place stripped did hold a number of gems left over from its busy previous life.



This ledger had been left out by previous explorers for a photo opportunity - dated 1924 !













All in all a very nice little mooch, but after getting home and trawling the internet, it would seem we turned up about 4 years to late.




Thanks for looking and we close with an advert from Health & Safety at Work magazine, January 1994.


** Anyone reading this, who has been - no we didn't miss **

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