Thursday 24 May 2012

Kearns of Waterfoot Ltd

Summer is here and what better than a drive in the sun with my round headed friend Urban Spaceman.

Waterfoot, a little village in a nice bit of Lancashire countryside valleys with a dirty half demolished,  run down, tumble down mill - although it has to be said in talking to the locals they seemed upbeat that someone might one day start the long promised conversion into (you guessed it) apartments and housing.

We didn't want to be seen climbing over/under fences in full view of the locals - so the lovely people of Waterfoot directed us to a footpath so we could simply wander into the site for a gander.

Kearns of Waterfoot

Coming soon-ish










"did you go in?" you ask, we popped our head in one building and to be honest nothing to see other that a light bulb and rather saggy wet floors with a big drop below. We spotted the way into the other building and couldn't be bothered by this time as the moment had gone (bit of a first - and it was just a sloppy effort by the contractor with a few stones and a bit of plyboard).


So once again one to miss and save your petrol.

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